Innovative and integrated business model

For more than a decade we have focused on being the most innovative in the ecommerce, digital marketing and technology sector to offer our customers the latest market trends, hand in hand with our partners.


Great ability to overcome challenges and achieve goals. We grow your business by taking your digital project to the highest level.


Our greatest asset is the talent of all the professionals working in each of the group's divisions.


We successfully meet the needs and expectations of our clients by providing effective and efficient solutions.


Our track record is our guarantee. We manage digital marketing strategies to improve your online presence with extensive experience in multiple sectors.

Commitment, constant growth and presence throughout Europe

WIM Group covers all the needs of an ecommerce because we innovate and are committed to great ideas and projects. We cover all the needs of an e-commerce by offering services such as website development, digital marketing, payment processing, shipping and logistics, customer service, and comprehensive data analytics to help businesses grow and succeed.

Our ecosystem

Each WIM Group company is born with the passion to specialise and innovate in each of the areas to form a powerful digital ecosystem that is always at the forefront. A multi-brand proposal that is committed to 360º work that will make your business grow and ensure your success.